Appointment Types

Appointment types allow you to set the different types of appointment (e.g. name, individual vs. group, duration, etc.) that you plan on conducting.

Create billing providers (EMR)

To set your appointment types:

  • Go to the EMR (e.g.
  • Click on the hamburger menu on the top left corner > Settings > Appointment Types
  • Click on “Create an appointment type” button
  • Fill out the requisite information
    • Type: Can be a 1:1 or group session
    • Name: Name of appointment type (e.g. Annual Well Visit, Initial Consultation, etc.)
    • Description: Description of appointment type
    • Duration: Duration of appointment type
    • Max Participants: (Only applies to group appointments) Maximum number of patients that can sign up for the group appointment
    • Recurrence Settings
      • Recurrence: One-time vs. recurring appointment
      • Frequency: (Only applies to recurring appointments) How often the appointment recurs (e.g. weekly, monthly)
      • Number of appointments: (Only applies to recurring appointments) How many times the appointment with recur
    • Pricing Settings
      • Pricing: Paid vs. unpaid appointment
      • Recurrence: (Only applies to paid AND recurring appointments) If the payment for a paid, recurring appointment should be collected up-front or on a recurring basis (e.g. say you are running a 8-week group therapy session that costs $100 to attend per week, should the $800 be collected up-front from the patient or $100 be collected per week)
      • Price per appointment: (Only applies to paid appointments) How much each appointment should cost
    • General Settings
      • License types: Whether any provider can run the appointment and or only providers with specific license types are allowed to run the appointment
      • Care team required: Whether the patient can book an appointment of this type with any provider or only providers in their care team
      • Show provider names: Whether patients can select which provider they want to book an appointment with or only allow patients to select a time slot but can’t see which provider is it with
  • All information set is autosaved so click “Finish”