Set up

Intake Flows

An intake flow consists of a series of forms that patients take when registering for the platform. The patient will receive the intake flow either when:

  • The patient clicks on the "Patient Invite" email that they receive after a patient account is created for them by an organization member
  • The self-registers by going to the the patient portal (e.g. and clicking on "Create an account"

Each patient must have an intake flow that they can use and each intake flow must have at least one form in it.


Part 1: Create forms (EMR)

Create the set of forms that will be in the intake flow.

Follow the instructions here to create your forms.


Step 1: Modify the intake flow (EMR)

To modify the intake flow:

  • Go to the EMR (e.g.
  • Click on the hamburger menu on the top left corner > Settings > Intake Flows
  • Set:
    • Name: Name of intake flow.
    • Description: Description on intake flow.
    • Forms: Series of forms in the intake flow. The forms will be displayed to the patient in the same order that they are listed here.