Set up

Intake Flows

An intake flow consists of a series of forms that patients take when registering for the platform. The patient will receive the intake flow either when:

  • The patient clicks on the "Patient Invite" email that they receive after a patient account is created for them by an organization member
  • The self-registers by going to the the patient portal (e.g. and clicking on "Create an account"


Part 1: Create forms (EMR)

Create the set of forms that will be in the intake flow.

Follow the instructions here to create your forms.


Step 1: Modify the intake flow (EMR)

To modify the intake flow:

  • Go to the EMR (e.g.
  • Click on the hamburger menu on the top left corner > Settings > Intake Flows
  • Set:
    • Name: Name of intake flow.
    • Description: Description on intake flow.
    • Forms: Series of forms in the intake flow. The forms will be displayed to the patient in the same order that they are listed here.