Imaging Integration

We partner with Change Healthcare for electronically send imaging order and receiving imaging results.

Change Healthcare Integration


You must have account numbers set up with the imaging centers that you are trying to order from.


Your Avon contact will help get you set up in Change Healthcare. Send the following information to them:

  • Address of your clinic headquarters
  • Clinic fax number
  • Clinic tax ID
  • Contact name, email address, and phone number (this is the person on your team that's in charge of responding to any questions that Labcorp, Quest, etc. may have)
  • List of all the providers you want to be set up with the ability to send imaging orders. For every provider, make sure the following information into the providers' profile in Avon:
    • First and last name
    • Title (e.g. MD, NP, etc.)
    • NPI
    • Date of birth
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