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Products are goods and services that you can offer to patients that patients pay for directly (via Stripe). Creating a product on Avon automatically creates the same product on your Stripe account.


Part 1: Set up your billing integration (EMR)

We currently partner with Stripe to collect payments from patients.

Follow the instructions here to set up your billing integration.


Step 1: Create a product (EMR)

To create a product:

  • Go to the EMR (e.g.
  • Click on the hamburger menu on the top left corner > Settings > Products
  • Click “Create a create
  • Fill out the requisite information:
    • Name: Name of product
    • Description: Description of product
    • Category: Category of product
    • Price: One-time price of the product (in $)
    • Is Recurring: Whether this product requires recurring payment
    • Repeat Every: Only applies to recurring payments. How often the payment should recur.
    • Quantity: Select one of:
      • Unlimited: No limit on the number of items of this product that you want to sell. This is usually used most commmonly for registration products or appointment products, where there is no limit to the number of subscriptions to the platform you want to sell or the number of appointments that you want booked.
      • Type your in your limited quantity. This usually used most commonly if you are selling your presciption or lab products and are limited by your inventory.
  • Hit "Create Product"
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