Zoom Integration

To get your Zoom API keys:

  • Go to
  • Sign in
  • Click on the “Develop” dropdown in the upper right and click on “Build App”
  • Choose “Server-to-Server OAuth” as your app type
  • Set "{{Company Name}} Zoom App" as your app name and hit "Create"
  • On the App Credentials tab, copy the Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret and paste them in Onboarding Typeform that was sent to you
  • On the Information tab, add:
    • Short description for the app
    • Company name
    • Your name
    • Your company email address
  • Skip to the "Scopes" tab
  • Click "Add Scopes" and add the following scopes:
    • Under the scope type Meetings, add:
      • View all user meetings
      • View and manage all user meetings
    • Under the scope type Users, add:
      • View users information and manage users
  • On the Activation tab, click "Activate your app"
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