SendGrid Integration

We partner with SendGrid to send email notifications. Use the following steps to get your SendGrid API key, set your verified single sender email address, and give both to your Avon contact.

To get your SendGrid API keys:

  • Go to
  • Sign in
  • On the left-hand sidebar, select "Email API" and "Integration Guide"
  • Choose the "Web API" setup method
  • Choose "NodeJS" as the language you want to use
  • Set "Avon" as your API key name
  • Hit "Create Key"
  • Copy the API key and send it to your Avon contact
  • On the left-hand sidebar, select "Settings" and "Sender Authentication"
  • Click on "Verify a Single Sender"
  • Fill out the "Create a sender" popup with:
    • From Name: Friendly name to show the receipient instead of the email address.
    • From Email Address: Email address that automated emails should be sent from. Copy this email address and send it your Avon contact as well.
    • Reply To: Email address that the recipient will respond to.
    • Company Address
    • Nickname
  • Hit "Create"
  • Go to your inbox, find the email titled "Please Verify Your Single Sender," and click on "Verify Single Sender"
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