Zoom Integration

To get your Zoom API keys:

  • Go to
  • Sign in
  • Click on the “Develop” dropdown in the upper right and click on “Build Server-to-Server App”
  • Set "{{Company Name}} Zoom App" as your app name and hit "Create"
  • On the App Credentials tab, copy the Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret and paste them in Onboarding Typeform that was sent to you
  • On the Information tab, add:
    • Short description for the app
    • Company name
    • Your name
    • Your company email address
  • On the Features tab:
    • Copy the secret token and send it to your Avon contact
    • Scroll down to the General Features section and:
      • Toggle "Event Subscriptions" on
      • Add the subscription name "Avon Webhook"
      • Select "Webhook" as the method
      • Add in 'https://{{base_subdomain}}', where {{base_subdomain}} is the custom subdomain given to your company for all of your API endpoints (e.g. If you have not received your {{base_subdomain}} yet, skip this step for now. We will revisit it later.
      • Once your Avon contact has confirmed that they have added in the secret token from their end, hit the "Validate" button. If there are errors validating, reach out to your Avon contact.
      • Under "Add Events," select "Start Meeting" and "End Meeting"
      • Click "Save"
  • In the "Scopes" tab, click "Add Scopes" and add the following scopes:
    • Under the scope type Meetings, add:
      • View all user meetings
      • View and manage all user meetings
    • Under the scope type Users, add:
      • View users information and manage users
  • On the Activation tab, click "Activate your app"
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