Core concepts

Standard v. Support Tiers

All organization members are on either the standard or support tier. This distinction primarily matters if your on the per seat plan, where each standard tier seat comes with one free support tier seat. If you are on the tiered SaaS plan, you can have unlimited members on both the standard and support tiers.

Standard Tier

The standard tier is for any member that works directly with patients or needs administrative access.

Only members on this tier can:

  • Host appointments (with patients and internal-only syncs)
  • Have a zoom account
  • Order prescriptions
  • Order labs
  • Sign and lock notes, care plans, and documents
  • Be a local or global admin

Support Tier

The support tier is for any member is in a back-office role and doesn't need to directly interface with patients. This usually includes front desk staff, schedulers, and billers.

Members on the support tier can still:

  • Message patients
  • Be invited to appointments (both with patients and internal-only sync)
  • Be on care teams
  • Have their own calendar